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At JASDEC, we strive to provide reliable, convenient, and highly efficient services that reduce the risk and burden associated with the settlement and administration of securities (shares, municipal bonds, yen-denominated foreign bonds, etc.), Short-Term Corporate Bonds (electronic CP), and investment trusts listed on Japanese securities exchanges.


Since our establishment in 1991, JASDEC has been at the forefront of securities settlement system reform in Japan and has pioneered a diverse range of systems. Most notably, in January 2009, with tremendous cooperation from all parties concerned, we achieved our goal of dematerializing stock certificates.


As a result of this achievement, Japan's settlement system has attained a level that is advanced by any global standards. Nevertheless, the environment surrounding domestic and foreign financial and capital markets is rapidly changing. In recent years in particular, the reduction of settlement risk in securities trading has become a more critical issue than ever among regulatory authorities and financial institutions. Moreover, the ability to lower the overall cost of transactions has become a decisive factor in competitiveness in the securities industry. In light of these structural and environmental changes and diversifying CSD needs, JASDEC remains committed to pursuing constant reform in the securities settlement system.

President & CEO Haruhiko Kato

President & CEO Haruhiko Kato