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Statistical data

Monthly data

(15 Feb 2019)

Type of Statistics Data

Integrated table


Note and Explanatory Note


  • Note: Monthly data is updated on the fourth business day of each month in principle. However, the data relating to the attributes of shareholders of Book-Entry Transfer System for Shares, etc. is updated on the seventh business day. Furthermore, with respect to the "List of account balance on all Systems and Services", the figures on "Book-Entry Transfer System for Investment Trusts" are updated on the tenth business day. For more details, please refer to the following "Date of updating monthly data".

Weekly data

(20 Feb 2019)

Type of Statistics Data

Book-Entry Transfer System for Short-Term Corporate Bonds (CP)
 •  Outstanding Amounts of CP by Issuer's category (Weekly)


Other data

Type of Statistics Data

Book-Entry Transfer System for Short-Term Corporate Bonds (CP)
 •  CP issuance rates

CP issuance rates

Statistical data of the past

Information about revision/correction

Revision/correction history

Date of revision/correction Scope of revision/correction Contents
24 Oct, 2017 (Book-Entry Transfer System for Shares, etc.)
Shares (3)(6)(8)
Corporate bonds with share options (3)
Preferred equity investments (3)(6)(8)
Investment equity (3)(6)(8)
ETFs (3)(6)(8)
Beneficial interest in trust issuing beneficiary certificates (JDR, etc.)(3)(6)(8)
Partially revised the notes regarding the calculation method of market value, etc. in terms of the accuracy.
Custody Services for Foreign Stock Certificates, etc. (3)
List of account balance on all Systems and Services
4 Feb, 2016 Revision of monthly statistics Discontinued the publication of the data relating to the balance recorded in the "Account for Non-residents, etc." from January 2016, with respect to the "Book-Entry Transfer System for Corporate Bonds: 5. Issuance, redemption and outstanding balance by bonds' category (value, number of issues)", because of the closure of the Account for Non-residents, etc., in accordance with the revision of the bond tax system in January 2016.
3 Jul, 2015 Discontinuation of graphic series (monthly) Discontinued the publication of graphic series (monthly).
17 Feb, 2015 Revision of graphic series (monthly) Revised a part of graphic series (monthly) about the number of issues relating to "Book-Entry Transfer System for Corporate Bonds (outstanding balance by bonds' category)", which had erroneously published on 5 Feb, 2015.
8 May, 2014 Change of the way of posting the statistical data file The statistical data files which were previously divided by products/services are no longer posted on the website.
However, all the contents of the statistics can be found in the "integrated table" file and there are no changes in the data.

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