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Examples of fee calculation

Account balance administration service fees are charged, in proportion to the daily account balances of short-term corporate bonds, to the account of JASDEC participants for the administration of the Transfer Account Book for the holding period.

Account balance administration service fees = monthly average account balances x 0.065bp (annualized rate)

Example of the holding amount

The account balance administration service fee calculation is made on the basis of an account balance of ¥ 50 billion being recorded in the Transfer Account Book for a JASDEC participant's account between June 1 and June 19 and an account balance of ¥ 200 billion being recorded between June 20 and June 30.

Holding details

Fee calculation methodology

The balance amounts outstanding in the account at the close of each business day are used. The average balance amount is taken to be the average value of the balance accounts outstanding on each business day during the course of the month.

Commission calculation methodology

For enquiries about the Book-Entry Transfer System for CP, please contact:

  • Book-Entry Transfer Department
    Telephone: +81-3-3661-0977

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