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Merits of the book-entry transfer system for stocks, etc.

The book-entry transfer system for stocks has the following merits.

Eliminates the risk of stock certificates being lost or stolen whilst under management and the risk of receiving forged stock certificates
The risk of paper stock certificates being lost or stolen is removed and so costs and other problems related to procedures necessary for the reissuance of stock certificates due to loss and theft are not incurred. Furthermore, the risk of receiving forged stock certificates is also averted.
Removes the need for stock certificates, etc. to be presented in stock mergers, etc.
The procedures necessary for presenting stock certificates, etc. to the issuing company in corporate reorganizations for listed companies such as stock or corporate mergers are obviated.
Allows securities transactions to be conducted rapidly and efficiently
The necessity of physically transferring stock certificates when conducting purchases or sales is removed, thereby reducing the time and trouble involved in securities transactions.
Reduces the cost of issuing and managing stock certificates for issuing companies
For issuing companies, the costs of issuing stock certificates, paying stamp duty, recalling stock certificates in corporate reorganizations, and delivery, etc. are all reduced. Moreover, for securities companies, the costs of managing and transporting stock certificates are similarly reduced.

For enquiries about the Book-Entry Transfer System for Stocks, etc., please contact:

  • Book-Entry Transfer Department
    Telephone: +81-3-3661-0190
  • Securities Settlement System Development Department
    Information System Development Department
    Telephone: +81-3-3661-7061
  • System Service Department
    Telephone: +81-3-3661-8211

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