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User's Connection Format

Connection Format The formats of connection to PSMS by users can be basically two. One is to connect the user's own system directly (CPU Direct Connection) to PSMS and the other is to use PC with web browser as a terminal of PSMS (Integrated Web Terminal Connection - see below for details).
The former can utilize either of two types of processing of user's own system; real-time sequential processing and batch processing by file transfer. Furthermore, from January 2014 on, in the case of real-time processing, connection format varies depending on whether the message format is based on ISO15022 or ISO20022. And for CPU Direct Connection, users can choose either to connect their own systems to PSMS or to have the systems of their computer service subcontractors connected to PSMS.
Connection Line From January 2014 on, JASDEC prepares three types of line for users to connect to PSMS; "JASDEC Integrated Network" provided by JASDEC, "arrownet" provided by Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc., and "SWIFTNet" provided by S.W.I.F.T. "SWIFTNet" can only be used when users adopt ISO20022 as the message format.
Integrated Web Terminal Connection For the users who have large volume of trades, direct on-line real-time connection of their systems to PSMS is efficient. On the other hand, for such users who do not have large volume of trades and wish to curtail the initial investment for system development, "Integrated Web Terminal Connection" to PSMS is convenient. In order to utilize the services we provide, users only need to prepare PC of certain specifications level with web browser and log-on to the web server of PSMS.
The transmission/receipt of data explained in the section "Outline of Transactions" is all possible by means of this terminal function. Furthermore, "Integrated Web Terminal" can be used as a single platform for the data transmission/receipt of other JASDEC systems like Book-entry Transfer System for Stocks, etc. For the data transmission, users may choose either key-input through the form on browser or CSV (Comma Separated Value) file transfer.

Pre-Settlement Matching System

  • Post-Trade Services Department
    Telephone: +81-3-3661-7196
  • System Development Department Representative for Pre-Settlement Matching System
    Telephone: +81-3-3661-7061

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