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Scope of Securities and Transactions

Since PSMS started on September 10th, 2001, JASDEC has always tried to expand the scope of securities and transactions both for domestic and non-residents' transactions as listed below.

Domestic Transactions timing Non-residents' Transactions timing
Stocks, etc. (regular trade) 2001.9 Stocks, etc. 2002.2
Convertible Bonds 2002.2 Convertible Bonds 2002.2
Japanese Government Bonds
(regular trade)
2003.5 Japanese Government Bonds 2005.2
Futures/Options 2003.5 Corporate Bonds and CP 2006.1
Net Asset Value (NAV)
Subscription/Redemption Information of ex-BETS funds
2003.5 Tolerance Matching Function 2014.1
Japanese Government Bonds
(Repo/Gensaki trade)
* except tripartite central matching type
2005.2 Introduction of ISO20022 2014.1
Corporate Bonds and CP
(regular trade, Repo/Gensaki trade, new issuing record)
Stock Lending and Borrowing
* Trade Matching function only
Stocks, Convertible Bonds
(new issuing record information)
Stock Lending and Borrowing
* Settlement Matching function and Linkage function to BETS
Japanese Government Bonds
(Repo/Gensaki trade)
* tripartite central matching type
Stocks, etc. (regular trade)
* tripartite central matching type
NAV affirmation fuction
Foreign Investment Account
Introduction of ISO20022 2014.1
Japanese Government Bonds
(Subsequent Collateral Allocation Method)

Pre-Settlement Matching System

  • Post-Trade Services Department
    Telephone: +81-3-3661-7196
  • Securities Settlement System Development Department
    Representative for Pre-Settlement Matching System
    Telephone: +81-3-3661-7061

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