Pre-Settlement Matching System

About the Pre-Settlement Matching System

The Pre-Settlement Matching System (PSMS) provides a framework for electronic matching on trades and settlements for institutional investor transactions between investment management companies, securities companies, trust banks, custodian banks, life and non-life insurance companies, etc. in order to achieve the seamless, automated processing of all the operations from order through to settlement. Moreover, PSMS provides an advance matching function for DVP book-entry transfer settlements conducted by JASDEC as well as for clearing of JGB trades by the Japan Securities Clearing Corporation.


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Advisory Committees, etc.

With the aim of contributing to the enhancement of user-orientated operations, The JASDEC Group (Japan Securities Depository Center, Inc., and JASDEC DVP Clearing Corporation) establishes advisory committees, etc. which are able to provide advice and opinion regarding the matters of business operations to executive officers as requested or otherwise deemed necessary. The JASDEC Group establishes eight committees as below, depending on its subject.

Pre-Settlement Matching System

General Enquiries about the Pre-Settlement Matching System


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