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JASDEC plays a unique role as an organization responsible for operating a comprehensive securities settlement infrastructure system in Japan. Under the Act on Book Entry of Corporate Bonds and Shares, JASDEC is designated as a central securities depository (CSD) by the Financial Services Agency and the Ministry of Justice, and provides settlement and related services for a wide range of dematerialized securities trading in the capital markets, including listed shares, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, commercial paper and investment trusts.

JASDEC has played a central role in securities settlement system reform in Japan, working with a wide range of stakeholders to introduce accurate and efficient systems while ensuring stable operations. As the environment surrounding capital markets changes─placing more diverse demands on CSDs and necessitating ongoing technological reform─we will continue to address the needs of our stakeholders rapidly and flexibly while working to deploy ever more stable and reliable systems, supported by a sound management foundation. We hope that by realizing even higher levels of trustworthiness, convenience and efficiency, we can contribute to activating and improving the competitiveness of Japan's capital markets.

President & CEO Akio Nakamura

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