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Framework for DVP settlement system for NETDs

In the DVP settlement system for NETDs , JDCC assumes the obligations between two DVP participants (that of transferring the securities to one counterparty and that of paying the settlement amount to the other counterparty) and simultaneously acquires the claims which are equivalent to the obligations. As a result, whenever DVP participants make use of the DVP settlement system, all counterparty of all transactions can be consolidated into one: the JDCC

Ordinary book-entry transfer through JASDEC (example diagram)/Book-entry transfer for securities settlement using ordinary book-entry DVP (example diagram)

Furthermore, in the DVP settlement system for NETDs , the delivery of securities can be carried out on transaction by transaction basis (gross base) at any time during the day, in the other side , the payment of settlement amount can be carryied out on the netted amount (net base) after the completion of the delivery of securities. This type of DVP scheme is referred to as 'Gross = Net-type' DVP.

JASDEC (book-entry transfer for securities)/Receipt and dispatch of funds through Bank of Japan current account dealings (book-entry transfer for consideration funds)

For enquiries about the DVP settlement system for NETDs please contact:

  • JASDEC DVP Clearing Corporation Business Administration Department
    Telephone : +81-3-3661-0181

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